Shipping Methods


U.S. Domestic
Region Method Guaranteed Arrival Cost (USD)
Continental U.S. Standard 4-7 days Free
Expedited * 3 days Free
Priority * 1-2 days $15
Puerto Rico
Standard 7-10 days $18
Region Method Guaranteed Arrival Estimated Cost**
Canada Domestic * 4-15 days $15
International Air 14-21 days $25
United Kingdom Domestic * 8-15 days $10
International Air 14-21 days $25
Europe Domestic * 4-15 days $16
International Air 14-21 days $25
Australia Domestic * 4-15 days $20
International Air 14-21 days $25
Other Countries International Air 14-21 days $25


* Based on availability in local warehouses.

** Rates are quoted for packages weighing 0-1.5 pounds (enough to cover 1 pair of footwear). Additional charges will be calculated for packages weighing over 1.5 pounds (usually containing multiple pairs of footwear).


48-hour handling time:  

We will ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving them, not including weekends or holidays.


Note for International Orders:

In some cases, Customs or the carrier will contact the buyer once the shipment arrives in the destination country, at which point the buyer needs to settle any import duties and tariffs in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered.


Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 6pm PST. We do not ship on weekends or U.S. public holidays.