About us

Based in Santa Monica, California, Lace & Lawn is an American retailer of comfort footwear. Relying on our two decades experience working with memory foam insoles, we created RockDove, a collection of slippers loved by customers for their incredibly comfortable cushioning and versatile indoor/outdoor sole.

We're a small team with a big heart. Our mission is to turn the world's most boring footwear--the slipper--into something that's both delightful and exciting to wear. We use innovative materials and design elements that never before found their way onto slippers. And we're constantly tweaking our insole technology in order to achieve that sweetspot comfort level. The result is something that defies people's expectations of what an ordinary house slipper should feel and look like.

By delivering nonstop comfort (and looking good), our slippers make your feet happy. They'll enhance every minute of whatever you're doing, whether you're working at home or simply relaxing.


Lace & Lawn was established in the state of California in 2016.